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Responsible Dog Ownership
Dogs are extraordinary animals, on the one hand their uncompromising loyalty and affection can provide security and comfort to many people, on the other hand, however, they do have the potential to be a source of disease and can cause accidents and injury.
Some people, unfortunately, fail to understand their responsibilities and, therefore, there is a great deal of legislation relating to dog control, fouling, identification and noise from dogs. Huntingdonshire District Council considers that these matters are very serious and failure to comply can lead to prosecution, the impounding of the dog, charging of detention fees and sometimes even the destruction of the animal. The Council firmly believes in promoting responsible dog ownership, be it by way of advice, education, or in the last resort, enforcement.
Responsible dog owners do not allow their dogs to foul in public places.  If dog fouling occurs away from home the responsible owner will clean up after the dog.  Any suitable plastic bag can be used or a special poop-scoop which you can purchase from pet shops. Dispose of faeces in a poop-scoop bin or take the bag home. 
Your responsibilities are to ensure:
·         Your dog does not stray
·         Your dog wears a collar bearing identification at all times in public places
·         Your dog is kept on a lead on all designated roads adjacent to public highways in towns and villages
·         Your dog is not permitted to cause a statutory noise nuisance
·         Your dog is not permitted to be a danger to others and is kept under control
·         You remove dog faeces from any public place
For more information about being a responsible dog owner visit HDC’s website and click on the ‘FidoFacts’ link to view the A to Z of responsible dog ownership. http://www.huntingdonshire.gov.uk/EnvironmentalHealth/Animals/Pages/DogWardenService.aspx
The District council will investigate allegations of offences involving dog controls and, where the evidence supports it, will take enforcement action against:
· Any person in charge of a dog and who fails to clear up after it has fouled on land specified in the
    Fouling of Land by Dogs (Huntingdonshire) Order 2007.
· Any person in charge of a dog who fails to keep the dog on a lead on land specified in the Dogs on
    Leads (Huntingdonshire) Order 2007.
· Any person in charge of a dog who permits the dog to enter or remain on any land specified in the  
   Dogs Exclusion (Huntingdonshire) Order 2007.
· Any person whose dog causes a statutory noise nuisance.
· Any person who fails to have collar and ID tags on his/her dog.