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St Ives and surrounding area bus survey   ()


St Ives and surrounding area bus survey                   Deadline: Wednesday 31st October 2018


Imagine that we have great bus services that connect us to the guided busway and local rail stations. Imagine having reliable and timely bus routes that help us get to work, school, and the other facilities that matter – health, welfare, shopping and leisure.

In March 2019, it is likely that St Ives and the surrounding area will see either a reduction in or removal of the existing bus routes. We want to establish what the future needs are of our communities regarding bus routes to inform all parties so that they make sound decisions that work for all. This survey is to find out what those bus services would look like.

It seeks to understand the needs of each complete family from children attending school to adults getting to work and those attending medical appointments and so forth. However please just submit one survey per address.

Please answer the following questions as if you did not own or use a car and access to public services is only to the guided bus and trains.

Alternatively, complete online at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2L92236