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Land East Of Somersham Road And North Of Needingworth Road St Ives Scoping Opinion for 127.4Ha development site of approximately 1750 dwellings, 2.7Ha employment area, a Supermarket, Hotel, Care Home, Primary School, Neighbourhood Centre, Health Care Centre, St Ives Football club, Sports Pitches, Play Spaces, Community Centre, Allotments, Woodland and Parks
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30 Chapel Close Needingworth Demolition of conservatory and erection of new proposed single storey rear extension 23/5/18
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Land Between 3 And 5 Overcote Lane Needingworth Three bedroom bungalow 10/5/18
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Fallowfield Back Street Holywell Proposed extensions and remodelling 4/5/18
Application ref: 18/00580/HHFUL
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Fair View, Bluntisham Road Needingworth

Single storey rear and side extensions, replacement front porch and replacement of flat roof with pitched roof. 26/4/18
Application ref: 18/00544/S73
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Land at 8 Hawkes Lane Needingworth. Variation of condition 2 of 17/01154/FUL - widen existing access way 26/4/18
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8 The Furlongs Needingworth widen existing roof dormer windows 17/4/18
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Holywell Front
Demolition of existing bungalow and replacement with contemporary two storey house
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Kestrel House, 3 Kestrel Court Needingworth T1 - Weeping Willow: Re-pollard by 6 metres. I estimate that over 15 years has past since this tree was last pollarded and branches are now failing withing the crown. One large fractured branch is hung up in the top of the crown, there is also a 'hazard beam' split within a lateral branch.
T2 - Cherry: Reduce the height of the central stem by 2.5m to reshape the crown from a previous unfinished crown reduction.
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Land south of A1123 and west of Bluntisham Rd Needingworth Further information 6/2/18
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Sunrhyl Mill Way Needingworth variation of condition 4 of application 10/02097/ful to change permitted hours of use. 9/2/18
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10 Beldams needingworth Upper floor extension above existing garge 9/2/18
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81 Ashton Close Needingworth erection of annexe in rear garden 9/1/18
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Land between Victoria House and Fairview, Bluntisham Road Needingworth The amended plans demonstrate revisions to: - the relocation of a first floor window to the dwelling proposed at plot 13, - an alteration to the siting of the dwellings proposed at plots 4-6 to facilitate retention of trees along the western boundary of the site, - the installation of 1.8m high close board fencing along entire length of the western site boundary to Victoria House and The Cottage, - the omission of bollards to the south of plot 12, and - an alteration to the siting of the dwelling at plot 14 to relocate the parking to the opposite side of the dwellinghouse and include additional ground floor windows to overlook the area of open space to the south.
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19 Priory Road
To extend the garage into the carport and internal alterations 20/12/17

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